Get to Know Your Financial Aid Counselor!

Meet Rachel Falk!

100_4601Rachel currently serves as a Financial Aid Counselor at UMBC.  Rachel has been working as a Counselor since January of 2013, but has been involved with UMBC much longer.  She is actually an alumnus of UMBC, and made sure to mention, “Go Retrievers!”  UMBC is a close distance to her hometown, as she was born and raised in Arbutus, Maryland, and still lives there today.  Besides showing off her UMBC pride, Rachel loves to bake, cook, and dance.  She has danced for over eighteen years, and trained in ballet, jazz, tap, and hip hop. Rachel is also coach of a high school cheer squad.

Rachel was drawn to work at UMBC because she loved the campus as a student, and always had the desire to return.  Even today what she loves most about the university is the campus.  She states that it is one of the most beautiful campuses she has ever visited.  Rachel also emphasized that she loves working with students!  She stated that meeting with students is her favorite part of being a Counselor, and she is always willing to meet with you.

If you have a last name beginning with A, B, G, T, contact Rachel for help with your financial aid account.  Visit our website for her contact information.

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One Response to Get to Know Your Financial Aid Counselor!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Rachel is such a great counselor. She always responded back quickly when I had a question, which is so helpful when your worried about deadlines…..

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