Looking for more options to pay for school, besides financial aid? Wish you can make monthly payments towards your bill? Well, at UMBC you can! By using the Monthly Payment Plan (MPP) offered through Student Business Services (SBS).

The MPP at UMBC enables students to pay their semester charges in an installment basis.  Charges can be divided in to 5 installments, depending on the date of enrollment in the MPP.  Enrollment in the MPP for the fall semester begins around mid-June, always prior to the start of the fall semester.  Enrollment in the MPP for the spring semester will begin around November, again, prior to the start of the spring semester.  Check out the enrollment schedule for fall 2013:

  Enroll by


Due Date













There is a non-refundable $50.00 enrollment fee charged for each semester you enroll in the MPP.  There are, however, no interest rates associated with the MPP.  Before choosing to enroll in the MPP, remember:

  • Only tuition and fees and university room and board can be applied under the MPP
  • Prior semester balances must be cleared before you are eligible to enroll in the MPP
  • The MPP is only offered for the fall and spring semesters   – Summer and winter charges cannot be budgeted into the MPP
  • Payments must be received by 11:00pm on the due date to prevent withdrawal from the MPP – a $20 fee will be charged for all accounts withdrawn from the MPP

There are several different options for submitting online payments under the MPP.  Acceptable payment methods include credit cards, electronic checks, or campus cards.

More information about the MPP can be found online at


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