Homecoming 2012!

UMBC is celebrating Homecoming 2012 all this week!  Walking around campus there is no doubt in our school spirit! We’ve all got retriever fever! Every year for Homecoming there is an office decorating contest.  Offices from all over campus decorate the office to show off that UMBC pride.  Each year there is a specific theme to follow in regards to decorations.  This year offices could choose one of the Homecoming events as their theme.  The Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships chose the Community Picnic with Dr. Hrabowski.  We went all out for the contest, and stepped up the competition.  Check out our photos from the contest to see for yourself!


Retriever Fever!

Best picnic ever!

We’re always here to help 😉


How may we help you?

Welcome to the UMBC Financial Aid Community Homecoming Picnic!


There are still many events going on this week!  Check out the calendar of events online at http://alumni.umbc.edu/s/1325/UMBC-template.aspx?sid=1325&gid=1&pgid=632.



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